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Demonstration Video

The ratio of magnetic inductance achieved, to the quantity
of copper windings, is evidence of an entirely new paradigm.

In this video, a 1-inch diameter, 64-gram N42 steel ball magnet spins at ~2000-RPM suspended by the inductance generated by a 5-inch diameter hollow toroid coil with 90-feet of 24-gauge wire at 4-Volts; 20,000-Hz; & 1.5-Amps consuming less than 6-Watts.

Additional Tech 

Power Recovery Charger Controller

This solid state device recovers 60-80% of the power loss associated with the charging of a battery directly from a power source.

ChargerIt nearly doubles the charging effect of batteries for wind, solar, and wave power generator systems.

Perfect for off-grid and remote locations as it could reduce (by nearly half) the number of solar panels required to charge a battery bank.

Hundreds of tests where performed to optimize efficiency, resulting in a unique wiring design that connects these state of the art components. The commercial version of this device is simple and relatively inexpensive to manufacture. This device is third party verified by an electrical engineer from the Keck Observatory in Hawaii.

Full Prototype, Patent Pending, Seeking Commercialization JV


Permanent Magnet AC Synchronous Motor (PMS Motor)

These brushless AC electric motors are self-starting, high-efficiency, high-torque motors with no moving parts except the rotor shaft. The magnetic field of the rotor is supplied by permanent magnets rather than an electromagnet as induction motors use. These extremely durable and efficient motors don’t need an actuator, consume much less power, and require no maintenance.

MotorSelf-Starting - High-Torque - High-Efficiency

The motor incorporates a low inertia, high energy neodymium magnet rotor, which allows it to self-start regardless of rotor position. Prior to this design, PMS motors where not able to self-start without an auxiliary motor or actuator.

The optional controller uses a completely unique & proprietary circuit design, using far fewer electrical components. This makes for a simple, low cost design which allows for the highest possible efficiency. Testing results of the motor are between 95-97% efficient without the controller, and 91-93% with the controller.

The proprietary generator design is similar to the motor and all the benefits apply resulting in a very high efficiency generator and only requires about half the copper wire as a typical generator. Full Prototype, Patent Pending, Seeking Commercialization JV’s, Licensing



Renewable Fuel Cell - Salt Water Powered - Electric Generator

Generates electricity by absorbing oxygen from the air and oxidizing a series of magnesium electrodes in a salt water electrolyte. Has a cathode assembly made of Kevlar reinforced rubber, air cathodes, and a set of 5 metal fuel cards. Replenishing saltwater daily, it will run for a week.

  • 6 Volts DC at 50 amps is generated by each pack.
  • Two units in series with converter provides 12V DC

When the inexpensive metallic plates are used up, just replace them and replenish the saltwater. Unit lasts indefinitely if properly maintained It is soft and collapsible to 5 x 3.5 x 5.75 inches. Lightweight, under 20 oz.(full)

Fuel Cell Fuel Cell Fuel Cell



Non-Invasive Pain Eliminator (NPE)™

Reduces & eliminates pain: chronic, post-operative, injury-based, arthritic...Non-Invasive pain eliminator

Greatly accelerates healing process and anti-inflammatory benefits



External Cardiac Rhythm Normalizer Pacemaker

Completely External Cardiac Resynchronization Pacemaker (ECN)TM

Grant Application pending with the National Institute of Health (NIH)

Federal stimulus funds allocation provided under American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA)



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