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Promotional Products

We've provided customers with the largest available selection and excellent pricing in every category of promotional goods. Through the National Accounts Program, participating companies receive special discounts based on volume purchasing. Our End Quantity Pricing Program guarantees a pre-negotiated discount of up to 30% off the lowest published pricing on all products.


Electric Bicycles

Image of an electric bicycleE-bikes can either be pedaled like a bicycle or powered with an electric motor to speeds up to 32 kilometers an hour. Electric assist bicycles allow more people to ride more often as they assist with overcoming hills and long distances.

The results from a study show that although mopeds reduce traffic congestion, they represent 13-16% of total motor vehicles in Rome and cause 16-29% of overall CO pollution and 38% of the PM10 concentrations measured. The sound level produced by some mopeds is so high that hearing protection is required. The environmental benefits of E-bikes over mopeds are astounding.

E-bikes are an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient transportation. A smart choice that combines cardio exercise with accelerated transportation and reduces emissions...


Green "E-cars"

Image of an electric car

At 15,000 miles per year, most drive 1250 miles per month. If a car gets 20 miles per gallon, this represents 62.5 gallons of gasoline. At $4.25/gallon (2008 price), equals about $265 on gasoline every month. Electric vehicles use kilowatt-hours (KWH) of electricity instead of gasoline. Typically EV's get from 3 to 7 miles per KWH. Off-peak electric rates are as low as 3 cents/KWH . Some electric rates are 10 cents per KWH. Based on 5 miles/KWH with at 7 cents per KWH, the same 1250 miles per month only costs $17.50 in electricity. (Was $265 for gasoline) - a savings of $247.50 per month.

Futuristic , environment friendly, and smart...


Outdoor Lighting

Image of outdoor solar lightingHybrid Systems (Solar / Wind)

Off grid solutions... Temporary or permanent LED lighting solutions. Wind, solar, or both (hybrid) systems. The complementary power combination of the hybrid system provides charging both day and night to ensure adequate energy for lighting.

Hybrid system includes: Wind Turbine: 24V/400W; Solar Panel: 12V/50W, 2pcs; Solar and wind power supply controller 24V/400W; Brackets for solar panel and street light head; Gelled Solar Batteries 12V/150Ah, 2pcs; Power Casing to place batteries and controller; Galvanized Lighting Pole (8 meters) with anchor; Cobra Head solar street lighting fixture; 24V DC 55 watt low pressure sodium lamp 7800lm or LED substitute; Inter-connection wire; Timer & light sensor controller with LED and LCD display 24V/15A.


Wind Power Turbines

Image of a wind turbine

There are two basic types of wind turbines: horizontal axis wind turbines and vertical axis wind turbines. Horizontal axis turbines (more common) need to be aimed directly at the wind. They use a tail-vane that continuously points them in the direction of the wind. Vertical axis turbines work regardless of wind direction, but require more ground space to support their guy wires.

An important factor: the height of a wind turbine directly affects how much power it produces. Power harnessed from the wind is proportional to the cube of its speed. This means that if wind speed doubles, the power available to the wind generator increases by a factor of 8 (2 x 2 x 2 = 8). As wind speed increases with height, increases to tower height can substantially increase the amount of electricity generated by a wind turbine.


Solar Power Systems

Image of solar power cells

We focus on solar power products that function in the harshest environments, designed for years of reliable service. We handle all the components needed for utility-connected systems to lower your electric bill, or for powering independent homes and remote industrial sites. We offer knowledgeable tech support before and after the sale.

Electrical building blocks for solar panels or modules... The blue or black squares are silicon cells producing about .5 Volts each. Smaller panels are usually 12V nominal, with 36 cells in series to produce around 17V at Standard Test Conditions, under load. The larger panels we sell are often 24V nominal, with 72 cells in series, and produce around 35V at Standard Test Conditions, under load.


Solar Water Heater

Image of a solar water heaterHarness the warmth of the sun... The inner water tank shell is made of SUS304/2B food grade stainless steel plates, the outside material is colorful steel plates, welded by automatic argon arc laser. Water is pure and drinkable. Thermal insulation of water tank adopts polyurethane foam; thickness is 50-55mm. Silicon rings seal connections. The tubes and bracket are adjustable; power bearing is average, which ensure the vacuum tubes remain in good condition for a long time. The glass vacuum tubes adopt super hard borax and silica glass. Absorbing rate: 94%, thermal radiation rate: 6% (100 Celsius Degrees). Resist 25mm hail dropping. Anticipated use life about 15 years.


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National Accounts allow leverage of purchasing power across all buyers, departments, divisions and geographies.




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