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From small to complex media plans, billboards to building illumination, our expertise is employed to recommend and manage advertising campaigns because our team is stacked with experts.

We have the advantage of being at the forefront of the latest industry trends and advertising opportunities. We have the ability to identify and secure the best locations and rates.

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LED Displays

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Jumbo outdoor video screen provide 24 hour advertizing with reliable operation. Air conditioning systems prolong the LED's duration. The shield provides protection against weather conditions and defense against acts of vandalism.

Electronic System: We have a user-friendly flexible and powerful tool for visualization of input sources. Options are offered to meet location-specific requirements and guarantee top performance.

Controllers for advertising can be locally or remotely managed. Animations and images can be originated by video sources in PAL, SECAM and NTSC formats or by PC in FLASH, AVI, MPEG, WMV, JPEG, and BMP formats.



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Effectiveness of media is influenced by many factors... WHAT you say is usually more important than WHERE you say it... Outdoor advertising is strongest when used to convey a short message, especially one tied to a specific location.

Billboards are effective, but they do have their limitations. For that reason, smart business owners view billboard advertising as one part of a balanced marketing strategy. An integrated marketing strategy involving print, broadcast media, and billboards is key for attracting and retaining new customers.

There are a number of reasons for the recent surge in billboard advertising, not the least of which is cost efficiency. Compared to other forms of advertising, billboards are a relatively inexpensive way to get your point across to the general public.



Image of a mobile projection billboard

A Projection Billboard or Building Illumination allows you to create an exciting and unexpected advertising space where none existed before. Large format architectural projections will cause both pedestrian and automobile traffic to take notice as you become the latest addition to the city skyline.

These amazing advertisements can give you an unrivaled presence that can be seen for miles if unobstructed. Projections can be as simple as a still image or include full motion media such as: Flash animations, 3-D animations or video.

Unlike traditional Out of Home Advertising, Projection Billboards create no waste and can be literally turned off when necessary.


Mobile Billboards

Image of a mobile billboard

Mobile billboards comes in three basic varieties: frontlit, backlit for the best nighttime coverage and video display.

They are a perfect medium for target marketing. Billboards on wheels,can literally be driven directly to your audience anywhere - even remote locations.

Mobile ads can lead or follow your audience strategically as they move. This is especially effective if advertising at a large event or convention.

Two-sided and illuminated at night, mobile billboards are an excellent way to advertise on busy streets and make a big impact as the average-sized display of 10' high x 22' wide slowly drives past or is parked in a strategic location.


Wrapped Smart Cars

Image of a wrapped Smart car

Nothing catches eyes faster than cool wrapped mini-cars. They are another mobile media that delivers your message with a "Wow, that's cool!"

Create an even bigger impact by caravanning multiple cars towing large 3-sided, backlit panels.

Custom route and park them in high-traffic areas for maximum impact while the drivers hand out your promotional items or literature.

Smart cars are wrapped on the front, back, sides and even on the top. They optionally tow a 3-sided backlit unit, with each panel being sized like a bus shelter display at 6'H x 4'W.

They are great for reaching an audience during the day and nighttime and will be clearly seen from multiple angles.

You are sure to turn heads with this unique and dynamic media.


Advertising Balloons

Images of different advertising balloons

"When the balloon goes up, so do the sales"
We are dedicated to bringing you the best balloons in the most effective way, whether to showcase a new location, announce a sale, or promote a Big Event.

Our advertising balloons cost less, weigh less, last longer and look better.
Custom helium balloons & blimps are available.


Wind Wavers

Image of Wind Wavers

Testing has shown that product images and logo'd wind wavers are very effective in building your brand and drawing crowds in from the street.

Custom options can be produced in appliqué, screen printed or digitally printed options.

Our graphics team can work with you to develop the best “look” and branding for your company.


Vision Media Streetwash

Image of Streetwash advertisingAds are created by pressure washing a stencil into a graffiti covered or dirty city wall or sidewalk.

StreetWash Ads hit your target at street level, where they will be noticed by passers by. The Streetwash ads are a great tool for blanketing a market quickly with your message. 50-75 applications around a city core can be done over a weekend, creating buzz and getting your message on the street, literally.

Streetwash ads create no waste as no paints or dyes are used to create the ads, only water.


Get us on the front-end of your campaign...

Have us research the available options, get the best rates and locations...




National Accounts allow leverage of purchasing power across all buyers, departments, divisions and geographies.




We offer complete 'Prep-to-Post' production solutions, from concept to completion, working in partnership with some of the best industry specialists.